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ritual union // little dragon [jecht rye remix]

FREE download: here

More from Jecht Rye is available via his tumblr.

Haha, yesterday I was thanking Tumblr for the 1000 plays I got in a week, but I just got around 3200 in about 15/16 hours. I think these guys are responsible.

This is probably the best Monday I’ve had in a while.

I feel like you people did this

This is the last seven days’ activity on my Soundcloud page - or, rather, since I uploaded that Ritual Union remix, which was about this time last week. This is the most activity I’ve ever had in this time frame (the last record was around 500 plays). I think all of you are probably responsible, and I’m so fucking grateful for that.

For professional artists a thousand plays in a week might not be a lot, but for one unknown, unsigned, and unrepresented bedroom producer, breaching quadruple figures in seven days isn’t too shabby.

Plus, for context, 1045 plays means that last week, on average, somebody was listening to my music every 9 minutes and 39 seconds. That’s awesome to me.

For any of you reading this, thank you for all of the kind messages, reblogs, likes, listens, downloads - everything. Whatever form your support has taken, I really appreciate it. If ever this music turns into something and I play a show in your city, remind me I owe you a hug and a cup of tea.

I just finished this. I love Little Dragon, and Yukimi Nagano’s voice even more, so I composed an instrumental around her vocal track for ‘Ritual Union’.

You can download the 320kbps MP3 version here, or lossless and other formats here.



Donuts cover animated, via source clips from the M.E.D. video “Push”.  Album cover by Jeff Jank, video by Andrew Gura. Thanks to sebnewall for the gif. 


Donuts cover animated, via source clips from the M.E.D. video “Push”.  Album cover by Jeff Jank, video by Andrew Gura. Thanks to sebnewall for the gif. 

Someone brought these home. Dilla wut.

Someone brought these home. Dilla wut.

I’m proud of this one.

I’m proud of this one.

Please read this.


This is my friend Nell’s brother, Dominic, who died of cancer last year. Nell is hiking/climbing Ben Nevis on June 22nd 2012 in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, as thanks for their care of him and their support she and her family received throughout his illness. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

You can do that here or SMS text DOMI66 followed by the desired amount to 70070. For example: 




blaqoctopus asked: your playlist is the fucking epitome of greatness, nice beats btw that bloom is ill

Haha, holy shit. I’m glad you think so sir. Cheers!

Just bought this. Fuck with me.

Just bought this. Fuck with me.

It seems I forgot to post this here. When I uploaded my remix of Bonobo’s ‘Prelude’ and ‘Kiara’ it featured shortly after as the backing track to this interview with stuntman, inline skater, and (I believe the term is) traceur, Mathieu Ledoux.

A million thanks to Bruno at Gorila Branco for this. You can check his channel here and the Gorila Branco website here if you’re interested in more of their/his stuff.

smurphypix asked: No questions just want to say I love your music.

Thank you! If I ever take this shit live, and you come, I owe you a hug.

New track!

If you like it, you can download the 320kbps MP3 here, or lossless and other formats here.

Look what Chris did while I wasn’t looking! It’s an acoustic rendition of our song Birdcry. You can watch more of his videos here, and Jecht Rye in general here.