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blaqoctopus asked: your playlist is the fucking epitome of greatness, nice beats btw that bloom is ill

Haha, holy shit. I’m glad you think so sir. Cheers!

Just bought this. Fuck with me.

Just bought this. Fuck with me.

It seems I forgot to post this here. When I uploaded my remix of Bonobo’s ‘Prelude’ and ‘Kiara’ it featured shortly after as the backing track to this interview with stuntman, inline skater, and (I believe the term is) traceur, Mathieu Ledoux.

A million thanks to Bruno at Gorila Branco for this. You can check his channel here and the Gorila Branco website here if you’re interested in more of their/his stuff.

smurphypix asked: No questions just want to say I love your music.

Thank you! If I ever take this shit live, and you come, I owe you a hug.

New track!

If you like it, you can download the 320kbps MP3 here, or lossless and other formats here.

Look what Chris did while I wasn’t looking! It’s an acoustic rendition of our song Birdcry. You can watch more of his videos here, and Jecht Rye in general here.

So Facebook fan pages get Timeline now. Check out the banner and shit. Page here.

So Facebook fan pages get Timeline now. Check out the banner and shit. Page here.

Check this shit out. I made this beat for my friend and rapper Javier, and he just finished recording over it.

You can find him on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, and Tumblr.


A song.

Instrumental by Jecht Rye (

Hope you enjoy it. If you do, please share it, or reblog. I’d really love to reach people.

Downloads are free on soundcloud.


Sophia - By Javier Medina

The Memory of Sophia.
That has taught me so much.
That has opened my eyes to the feelings of those who must
Cracked me out of my shell, and made me open up
and see the difference in your lifestyle, that stems from your trust.
And the lack of cynicism that’s sitting in your reflection, as we’re passing all the animals leading you from ascension,
resonates. with the atmosphere. of my moment. now get me out of here.
‘Cause the animals are now surrounding in my vicinity
Distaste that you’re bating is draining and marinating me,
and I can state, per usual, forewarned
with my sunglasses on, now I’m pasting what I’ve torn.

The Memory of Sophia.
Makes me feel like I am Arthur, and I’m traveling to Queens - I bear it all and make a martyr
when I throw myself and wallow in the hangover tomorrow
consumed by the sorrow I perpetually borrow
from myself and my body, ‘cause I don’t even drink. If I put downers in my system, I couldn’t and wouldn’t think
or even blink, for the moment, to navigate where I’m going.
I would shrink to a no-one, but lo and behold, I already am.

But I figure that the winner would take a picture with you, so I could rip it in two, and paste my body next to you.
Ain’t that the purpose? For you to realize that you’re wasting your time, if you’re dealing with another guy?
Nevermind, if you’re okay with phony happiness.
You ever want the real stuff, you should know my body’s making it.

Rush, floor, life, veins.
Rush, floor, life.


I wish, I could be thinking of that.

During the moment when I realize that you’re better, in fact.
I’m in the past.
Once that line is crossed, we’ll never be back
to the moment when everything simple would envelop our path
Matter of fact. What is so different ‘bout us now?
We are still two enormous pillars, reimbursing where and how we came about
To save the town, we’ll spread out two versions of medicine.
I’ll save the human spirit, and you’ll save the life surrounding them.

Si! (Yes!)

We’ll save the world from it’s embarrassment, if it means even sacrificing where we am.

Making that a paragraph, to summarize the pillar act, is what will pull and push us back on the road that is our ventured path.

Rush. Floor. Life. Veins.
Rush. Floor. Life.

Rush. Floor. Life. Veins.
Rush. For. Sophia.

Rush, floor, life, veins,
rush, floor, life, veins,
rush, floor, life, veins,
Rush, FOR, Sophia.

If you don’t understand, I’ll break it down to human terms.
It might be awkward when we speak, but you know I forever yearn
to have it maybe be the energy that was so ever readily available to you and me as we collided steadily,
‘cause honest. You were one of my best friends.

Always one of. Never commitment to be the one,
Because we knew that we were coming from different places of origin.
A different circle lead us to presently orbit where we am.

But my sun in Reading, no different from yours on Bennett,
had the same exact methods of teaching us all our lessons.

But still. We had a network of support.
I don’t know why, but to this day, to intermingle doesn’t work.
And I don’t know. Where to be going with this song
but I guess “Have the best of luck” is what I’ll say now that you’re gone.

So yo. This guy gets down to the end of his life.
And all those years he suffered? Those were the best years of his life.
Because they made him who he was.

So fuck sleeping ‘till you’re 18.

High school was the shit.

tfsmith asked: Hey i really like your music its soo chilled! Love it. Anyways just thought i'd suggest something cos atm everytime you go onto a new page your music starts again, whereas you can make it so your blog has endless scrolling instead of different pages. Just a thought :)

Thank you! I noticed you added the Facebook page as well, and I appreciate that too.

Endless scrolling is a really good suggestion, but I just tried it out and the perfectionist in me can’t deal with the /page1 /page2 /page3 stuff, and the links to the coders’ website between pages. Soooooorry; you’ll have CTRL+click that shit for the time being.

I have increased the posts per page to 15 if that’s any consolation?

Look what I made one day at 4am! They sit on top of my preamp now.
Template for Doom here, Dilla here, and a Lord Quas one for good measure here.

Look what I made one day at 4am! They sit on top of my preamp now.

Template for Doom here, Dilla here, and a Lord Quas one for good measure here.

I named him Daniel Plainview. See the resemblance?

I named him Daniel Plainview. See the resemblance?

Personally, I’m not above this.


These are super super rare pictures of James ‘J-Dilla’ Yancey’s Studio while recording ‘Like Water For Chocolate’ with Common.

I came accross these while helping Pete from BBE records (pictured alongside Dilla in the top photo) move house and he kindly let me take copies.

This is Dilla’s first home studio in Detroit and in the last pic you can actually see Common sitting with his back to camera.

If you love J-Dilla make sure you represent at the ‘J-Dilla Changed My Life’ fundraisers in London, Manchester & Brighton this week end.

All details are on